Experimental Model Development

Adult Canine Intestinal Derived Organoids: A Novel In Vitro System for Translational Research in Comparative Gastroenterology

BioRxiv Submission

Our clinical and research team has been involved in the investigation of GI diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, as well as gut function for over a decade. The study is novel and impactful in a number of ways, validating 3D canine organoids as a relevant in vitro functional animal model with many applications in veterinary and translational biomedical research. The work shows how canine organoids can be used: (1) to perform mechanistic studies for basic GI research, (2) to examine host-pathogen interactions contributing to GI disease pathogenesis, (3) for applied preclinical drug screening, permeability, efficacy, and safety testing; (4) for personalized medicine in animal health, and (5) for preclinical research prior to in vivo clinical trials in human patients to improve efficiency and outcomes of drug trials.