Dr. Lionel Sebbag

Lionel_SebbagDr. Lionel Sebbag graduated from the National Veterinary School of Toulouse (France) in 2011. After graduation, he completed an Internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Kansas State University, followed by a four-year Residency in Comparative Ophthalmology at the University of California-Davis. He has joined Iowa State University in 2016 as an Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology. Dr Sebbag’s professional interests include tear film pharmacokinetics and metabolomics, dry eye disease and identification of biomarkers. He enjoys spending time with his wife, two cats and two dogs. He also enjoys playing sports (tennis, basketball, soccer), listening to music and playing the guitar.

Recent Publications:

  1. Sebbag L, McDowell EM, Hepner PM, Mochel JP. Effect of tear collection on lacrimal total protein content in dogs and cats: a comparison between Schirmer strips and ophthalmic sponges. BMC Vet Res. 2018, 14(1):61.
  2. Sebbag L, Allbaugh RA, Strong TD, Strauss RA, Wehrman RF, Foote BC, Peterson C, Ben-Shlomo B. Lack of effect of a topical regenerative agent on re-epithelialization rate of canine spontaneous chronic corneal epithelial defects: A randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled study. Vet J. 2018, 233:63-65.
  3. Sebbag L, Pesavento PA, Carrasco SE, Reilly CM, Maggs DJ. Feline dry eye syndrome of presumed neurogenic origin: a case report. JFMS Open Reports. 2018 Jan 2; 4(1):2055116917746786.
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  6. Sebbag L, Reilly CM, Eid R, Maggs DJ. Goblet cell density and distribution in cats with clinically and histologically normal conjunctiva. Vet Ophthalmol. 2016 Jul;19 Suppl 1:38-43.
  7. Sebbag L, Thomasy SM, Woodward AP, Knych HK, Maggs DJ. Pharmacokinetic modeling of penciclovir and BRL42359 in the plasma and tears of healthy cats to optimize dosage  recommendations for oral administration of famciclovir. Am J Vet Res. 2016 Aug;77(8):833-45.
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