Dr. Sébastien Benzekry

From a broad background in pure and applied mathematics (MS), I have evolved to the field of quantitative mathematical oncology, with a strong emphasis on connecting theories/models and experimental data. My PhD was already in the field of cancer modeling on the topic of modeling the effect of cytotoxic and antiangiogenic therapies on the development of metastases. After a postdoc at the Center of Cancer and Systems Biology in Boston, I obtained a permanent position at the French national institute for informatics and applied mathematics (Inria). Since then, I am a PI within the team-project MONC (Modeling in ONCology). My aim is to bridge the gap between theories and mathematical models on one side and empirical data on the other. The ultimate goal is to produce novel computational tools of direct use for both experimental and clinical studies. Additionally, these numerical tools are intended to be part of clinical routine work to assist diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic decisions. So far, my main interest has been modeling of metastasis, with projects in collaboration with biologists and clinicians. Other important topics of my research include modeling of tumor growth and the effect of therapeutics, with an emphasis on the impact of treatment sequences and scheduling.

Recent Publications:

[1] Mathematical modeling of tumor-tumor distant interactions supports a systemic anti-proliferative control of tumor growth, S. Benzekry, C. Lamont, D. Barbolosi, L. Hlatky, P. Hahnfeldt, Cancer Research, Volume 77, Issue 18, pp.5183-5193, 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-17-0564, 2017

[2] Modeling spontaneous metastasis following surgery: an in vivo-in silico approach, S. Benzekry, A. Tracz, M. Mastri, R. Corbelli, D. Barbolosi, J.M.L. Ebos, Cancer Research, Volume 76, Issue 3, pp. 535-547, 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-15-1389, 2016

[3] Classical Mathematical Models for Description and Forecast of Preclinical Tumor Growth, S. Benzekry, C. Lamont, A. Beheshti, A. Tracz, J.M.L. Ebos, L. Hlatky, P. Hahnfeldt, PloS Computational Biology, Volume 10, Issue 8, e1003800, 2014

[4] Computational modelling of metastasis development in renal cell carcinoma, E. Baratchart, S. Benzekry*, A. Bikfalvi*, T. Colin*, L.S. Cooley, R. Pineau, E. Ribot, O. Saut, W. Souleyreau, * = joint supervising authors, PloS Computational Biology, Volume 11, Issue 11, e1004626, hal, 2015

[5] Revisiting bevacizumab + cytotoxics scheduling using mathematical modeling: proof of concept study in experimental non-small cell lung carcinoma, D.C. Imbs*, R. El Cheikh*, A. Boyer, J. Ciccolini, C. Mascaux, B. Lacarelle, F. Barlesi, D. Barbolosi and S. Benzekry, * = equal contribution, CPT Pharmacometrics Syst Pharmacol, in press, hal, 2017